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Robert Kennedy's United States History Class

World War II and on to the Cold War


In a 6-10 paragraph essay, respond to the following. Be sure to include in your discussion all the of the Learning Objectives Essay Prompt


Essay Prompt:

Discuss the background leading to and the results of World War II. Your discussion must cover American's attitudes toward foreign affairs following World War I, FDR's political pragmatism, the key events that got the United State involved in World War II, and show how the results led the Cold War. 

Learning Objective I:  

Discuss America’s attitude toward foreign affairs

Learning Objective II:

Discuss FDR’s political pragmatism as he shifts from isolationism to intervention

  • Also, listen to the following story, in addition to the lecture, to respond to the Learning Objective

Angry Days' Shows An America Torn Over Entering World War II

Learning Objective III:

Discuss the results of World War II and show how

(1) conflicts in ideologies,

(2) war time politics

(3) and America’s new economic and military position led to the Cold War and the Atomic Age.  

Learning Objective IV:

1. Identify the arguments of Robert Maddox he presents in the following article:


The Biggest Decision: Why We Had to Drop the Bomb.


2. Identify the arguments of the film posted below 

After identifying the arguments of the article and the film, respond to the following:


Was it militarily necessary to drop the bomb; was it moral and ethical?


Be sure to cite evidence from both the film and the article.


Learning Objective Four

Supplemental Material