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Robert Kennedy's United States History Class

Women's Suffrage




In a 6-10 paragraph essay, respond to the following. Be sure to include in your discussion all the of the Learning Objectives 1-7.


Essay Prompt:


Explain and describe the women's suffrage movement and the challenges the movement faced. In your discussion identify the various leaders and their contributions to the movement. Also identify the various organizations and the differences between them. Explain how the 19th Amendment was achieved. Finally, a consistent theme for social and political movements, including the "Women's Suffrage" movement is "We are not free unless all of us are free". Assessing the material from the documentary and film, what do you think this means? 

I. Learning Objective One:  

 Define "Suffrage"

(at least one sentence)

II. Learning Objective Two:

When, where, and by whom did the women's suffrage movement begin?

(at least one paragraph)

III. Learning Objective Three:


Why were so many of the leaders of the Women's Suffrage Movement also involved with the Abolitionist Movement? Why did the Women's Suffrage Movement split? What were the results?

(at least one paragraph)

IV. Learning Objective Four:

Why was Susan B. Anthony arrested? Describe Anthony's trial. What was she hoping to achieve with her trail. What was NAWSA? Describe NAWSA. . What was achieved Dec 10, 1869 and why was it achieved?

(at least one paragraph)

V. Learning Objective Five:

How and why did the West become a likely place for Women's Suffrage to become guaranteed. Discuss the specific leaders, organizations, and strategy during the -Western Campaign of 1893.

(at least one paragraph)

VI. Learning Objective Six:

Describe the opposition to Women's Suffrage in its various forms. Why had Elizabeth Cady Stanton become skeptical of the suffrage movement; what made her too controversial for the movement? How did the Progressive Era influence the movement? Who was Harriet Blanch and how did she transform the movement?

(at least two paragraphs)

VII Learning Objective Seven:

Describe Alice Paul by identifying her leadership background, leadership abilities, the challenges she and the movement faced from 1912-1920. 

Click here for note taking purposes: Questions

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(at least two paragraphs)

Film: YouTube Link