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Robert Kennedy's United States History Class


141 people were killed in the Triangle fire the occurred at the Harris & Blanck shirtwaist factory on the corner of Green Street and Washington Place on March 25, 1911.

Assignment Link Available on Blackboard under lectures.





Study Guide 



In a 6-10 paragraph essay, respond to the following. Be sure to include in your discussion all the of the Learning Objectives (1-7)

Essay Prompt


Discuss the change in values in American society how this change led to the Progressive Era. Define and discuss the Progressive Era. In your discussion list the problems which the progressives faced and show what effect muckraking had on society in helping the progressives solve these problem. Also, compare, contrast, and define “The Square Deal” and “The New Freedom”. Finally, identify a current issue that is an expression of the Progressive Era as well specifically discussing if it remains accepted by most of the American people or if there is a degree of controversy related to the issue. 

Learning Objective I

Discuss the change in values in American society and how this change was implemented at the state and federal level on industrial regulation.Discuss the acceptability of the big SIX Values Landed Frontier.

(at least one paragraph)

Learning Objective II

Define the Progressive Era

(at least one paragraph)

Learning Objective III

Discuss the six problems which faced the progressives

(at least two paragraphs)

Learning Objective IV

Discuss the “Muckrakers” and show how it was an effective tool used by the progressives to solve society’s problems.  

(at least one paragraph)

Learning Objective V

Compare and contrast the The Square Deal and The New Freedom. Identify specific actions each president of these programs took that expressed the ideas and spirit of the Progressive Era.

(at least three paragraphs)

The Square Deal

The New Freedom