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Robert Kennedy's United States History Class

Watch the film and/or read the articles posted below and identify how slavery slowly developed and how race became distinct feature of colonial America. Also, discuss how imperialism determined race. What does it mean that "freedom depends on slavery"?

(at least two paragraphs)


When reading the articles, think about the following questions:

1. How and why did whites "draw the color line" in colonial America?

2. Zinn argues that racism is not "natural". What does he mean by that and why is it a crucial point?

3. What are the differences between indentured servants and slaves? Why do some argue it was worse to be an indentured servant?

4. How and why did Elite Virginians drive a wedge between indentured servants and slaves?

5. How do we know slaves resist their enslavement?

6. Why does Zinn argue that American slavery was "the most cruel form of slavery in history"?