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Robert Kennedy's United States History Class

Andrew Jackson

Discuss the democratic revolution that was to culminate during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. Also discuss his contributions to the development of the federal government and demonstrate his view of the presidency by using Jackson's attack on the Second Bank of the United States. Also discuss the sectional divisions that began to emerge in the "Age of Jackson". 

Learning Objective One:


Discuss the development of the democratic revolution in the United States from 1776-1840 by looking at the three trends during that time period of:

  1. Idealism
  2. Sectionalism
  3. Changing Political Conditions 

Learning Objective Two:

Describe Jackson's views as president and what he thought the role of the president was in relation to the Federal Government. 

Learning Objective Three:


Explain how Jackson's leadership strengthened and defined "federalism" in favor of the federal government. with his attack on the Second Bank of the United States and the Nullification Crisis.   

Learning Objective Four

Describe the national debt and its history. Compare and contrast Hamilton’s and Jefferson’s views on a national debt. How did Andrew Jackson view the debt and what did he do about? What was the result of Jackson’s actions.