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Robert Kennedy's United States History Class


the course website for extra credit opportunities later in the semester.

Printable Course Units

June 28-July 18: Unit Two: Class and Political Reform

Social Darwinism

Labor Movement

Immigration (no link yet in this format)

Return to Normalcy

The New Deal

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Welcome to Your HISTORY 1302 Summer III Course

From June 1-Aug 7. 



Welcome to your Hist. 1302 course. I am your history instructor from South Texas College, Robert Sean Kennedy. It is an honor to go on a tour of American History from Reconstruction (1863-1877) to the Present Day with you all. This course will touch on many controversial and sensitive topics focusing on issues regarding race, gender, war, oppression, and the brave heroes and heroines who fought and struggled to actualize human rights and applied them to American ideals.  

What to do Now?

  • Print out the syllabus and orientation exam study guide. After that, read through the syllabus and view the five posted videos. (scroll down).
  • When Blackboard is available on June 1st, there will be an orientation exam required due June 3rd.
  • Any student successfully completing the exam by June 1st with a 100 percent will receive 10 percent extra credit toward Exam One.
  • Do let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  

Print Out This Study Guide and Use It To Write Your Response To the Orientation Questions

When Blackboard Opens Up June 1st, You Will Have the Opportunity to Take the Orientation Exam Due June 3rd at 11:pm.

This is Your Opportunity to Work Ahead.