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Robert Kennedy's United States History Class

Alexander Hamilton

Essay Prompt

Discuss Alexander Hamilton’s “Report on Public Credit” and his “Report on a National Bank” and demonstrate his use of “trickle down” theory of economics and “grassroots” economics. Why did he choose “trickle down” over “grassroots”? Also in your discussion analyze the differences between Hamilton and Jefferson's views of government. 


Jefferson and Hamilton debate

Learning Objective One

Explain why Hamilton developed the trickled down approach in structuring our economy

Learning Objective Two

Discuss Hamilton’s Report on the Public Credit and explain how his leadership strengthened and defined "federalism". Be sure in your discussion to point out what are "implied powers" 

Learning Objective Three

Discuss Hamilton's Report on the National Bank and his support for foreign trade and the controversy that surrounded it. 

Learning Objective Four:


How would you judge the leadership qualities of President Washington in his decision to put two such opposed thinkers as Hamilton and Jefferson in his cabinet? Who do you think was the more significant member of the cabinet?


Read this chapter:

Chapter Three


and refer to the Hamilton and Jefferson lectures to respond.


Power point