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Robert Kennedy's United States History Class

Federalism and the Origins of American Nationalism   

Essay Prompt:

Describe the differences between Federalism and Anti-Federalism. Describe the Federalists Papers and their purpose. In your discussion describe the various challenges the early Republic faced when attempting to balance national security and its ideals based on "natural rights"

Learning Objective One: Discuss the difference between Federalists and Anti-Federalists  

Click here to edit tex Learning Objective Two:

Describe what the Federalist Papers were, who wrote them, when, and identify the purpose of the publications. Be sure to identify some of the most significant Federalists Papers as well as identifying their arguments .

Learning Objective Three

After reading through Washington's Farewell Address discuss Washington key concerns facing the early Republic. How did his address and his leadership contribute to the concepts of Federalism and Nationalism? In your discussion be certain to describe the legacy of the his farewell address (how did it effect future generations).

From the John Adams HBO series: Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton' debate over breakfast highlights federalists and anti-federalists concerns.  

Note: the notes and powerpoint are very helpful but will not replace the content of the lectures. They are to be used complimentary.